Friday, March 25, 2011

Three Needle Bind-Off

My preferred shoulder seam is a Three Needle Bind-Off.  With square shouldered patterns it is very simple.

With shaped shoulders, the pattern is usually written with lots of binding off.  I want to finish my shoulders with live stitches so that I can Three Needle BO.  This can be accomplished with Short Rows.  I have used short rows occasionally, but with very specific instructions.  (Short Rows next time -- it's a lengthy subject!)

Three Needle Bind-Off:
  1. Garment parts should be held so that right sides are together. (The Knitty explanation makes this seem much more complicated than it needs to be.)  Occasionally, for a design feature, instructions will suggest wrong sides together. If you want your seam to the wrong side of the fabric, right sides need to be together. 
  2. K2tog, with 1 stitch from the front needle and 1 st from the back needle.
    Repeat line 1.
    Pass the 1st st (on the right needle) over the 2nd st for the Bind-Off.
    Repeat lines 1-3.
I watched lots of Video to find one I liked to share with you.  I didn't find one that satisfied me, but I picked two that were close to what I wanted.

This video has no audio, but it was short, to the point, and correct.

Three Needle BO video:
There are some suggestions that I don't do. "Hold both yarns together." I have always just used one and when I am finishing, the other yarn gets sewn in like the other ends.  "..Needle same size or smaller."  I wouldn't use a smaller needle.  I have used a larger needle for binding off, but never smaller.  With most bind-off situations, care should be taken to avoid getting too tight. Finally she frets about a loose loop at the edge of the knitting.  I clean that up that bit if needed when I am sewing in my ends.

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